FREE for the first 6 weeks !.
Thereafter just € 10 (Excl. VAT) per week.
We do not take ANY commission.

Setup takes 6 seconds.
Customers may instantly order
- no App download required.
We do not touch your money.
     A total is created for the order
     and you collect the money.
     We take NO commission.

Order our Thermal Printer:
And enjoy the following benefits:
    Incoming orders AUTOMATICALLY printed.
    FREE Employee TIMESHEET Software.
    (For up to 4 employees).
    FREE ID Cards for 4 employees.
    NFC READER built in to order printer.
    (Employee SWIPES card to Clock IN/OUT).
    (VIEW at Clock.ie).

No need to print menus.
Change any menu item any time.
No reprint required.

Allergen Filtering - unique to iMenu.
Calorie count may be added.
Sugar content may be added.

Perfect if you serve drinks.
The customer simply double taps "SAME AGAIN PLEASE"
and their order is repeated.
Ideal for OUTSIDE drinking.
No need to enter the premises - customer scans QR and orders.

Create & Print directly from your phone.
OR Customer can scan from your phone.
You can place QR Codes on every TABLE.
You can place QR Codes in every ROOM.
Identify EXACTLY where the order came from.

Lightning FAST order generation.
Your order is processed on your phone.
Only 1 information exchange when you click ORDER.

Send us your Menu in any format.
We will design a custom build for you.
After, you can edit anything, anytime, anywhere.

When you receive your Thermal printer from us everything will bet set up for you - except your WiFi Username & Password.
However, if you need to change or reset: First connect to Wi-Fi (or insert sim card).
(Go to Settings: Network: username & Password.).
Open the "GCAnyOrder" App on the Home Screen.
Tap the Menu Icon top left.
Select Server settings.
For "Restaurant ID" type your username, eg: democovidpub
IP: https://barfood.ie
IP Port: 80
Request URL: https://barfood.ie/XXXXXXXX/cgi-bin/orders/gsm.jg
(XXXXXXXX = Your Username)
Callback URL: https://barfood.ie/cgi-bin/callback.cgi

When you receive your Thermal printer from us you will also receive your Custom EMPLOYEE ID Cards.
Eveything will be set up for you ... However, if you need to change or reset: You MUST be logged into the Thermal Printer as an EMPLOYER.
(Go to Clock.ie).
Click the Orange LOGIN ICON top right.
Enter your NAME, Your PASSWORD and your ID.
Now you can view TIMESHEETS & HOLIDAYS.
And your employees may clock IN/OUT by swiping their CARD.

Open the "GCAnyOrder" App on the Home Screen.
Tap the Menu Icon top left.
Select Printer settings.
Set "Print Density" to 10.
Set Font to "System Font".

Pub/Club Go to Just A Pub.

Pub/Hotel WITH FOOD Go to Pub With Food.

Restaurant ONLY Go to A Restaurant.

Cafe ONLY Go to Just A Cafe.

Takeaway ONLY Go to Takeaway Only.

Speak with the boss,
Call John on:
(+353) 094 9631983.
Or send an email to John@Gannon.com
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